Identification and introduction of some Iran pollinator bees of Colletidae, Halictidae, and Megachilidae (Hym: Apoidea).

ArticleinCommunications in agricultural and applied biological sciences 71(2 Pt B):621-4 · February 2006with22 Reads
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    Insufficient pollination results in less yield and low quality of crops. Many vegetables depend on the cross pollination to produce valuable seeds or fruits. Most flowering plants, fruit and seed formation are highly dependent on the activity of pollinator bees and in some crop such as alfalfa no seeds will form in the absence of bees. The most important crops of Iran from stone fruits (peach, almond, plum, cherry and apricot), pome fruits (apple, pear and quince), alfalfa, clover, sunflower, etc. are collected. These plants are attractive for pollinator bees as source of nectar as well as pollen. Hence to identify and introduce bees of Iran, a study was conducted for three years. Pollinator bees were collected from all flowering plant varieties in the bloom season (from the beginning of spring till end of summer) by using insect net. Collected bees were placed in small plastic jar and details of host, place, date and time of collection were recorded. After preservation and drying, identification of samples was carried out by using identification keys and also by comparison with reference samples.