A fast approaching crisis

The Medical Association of Thailand.
Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet thangphaet 04/2007; 90(3):606-7.
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In the medical field, the word "informal" is often used to describe unorganized behavior. For example, if a doctor does not follow regular time, and takes any day off he wishes, or chooses whether he will work in the morning or in the afternoon, are often referred to as "informal" On the other hand, the word "formal" is often used to describe organized behavior. Doctors who abide by the systems, law and order, or rules such as the ones who want to serve society are much more "formal" and are called "civil servants". Furthermore, a certain number of doctors possess four distinct personalities, namely, partiality, speculation, procrastination, and lack of integrity. Such characteristics are difficult to change(1). Attempts have been made to persuade doctors to be more diligent, more devoted for the benefit of poor patients. However, it seems that these doctors remain at a "neutral position". It might be wrong to assume that they do not care about the poor patients, as their actions are innate to their personalities. At times, some doctors have urged these "neutral" doctors to pay more attention to the patients. Many doctors were born into money and good will. This is so because they had done a lot of good deeds in their past lives. Some doctors have realized that having these distinct personalities is a problem. However, they are human and sometimes fail to look at the complete problem. With the intention to encourage both formal and informal doctors to behave as "deal doctors" these dedicated professionals sometimes have a strong desire to force other doctors to devote their resources to the poor patients. However, is this against the law of nature? Rules are here to help us maintain a level of respect and security within our society. Even though there are rules to follow, some doctors find it hard to do so, as shown in the case of the scandalous 2-level promotion. In conclusion, besides our current problems, if there is an attempt to change human nature, will this create additional crisis? How can society be peaceful if the body and the mind of those in society are not at ease (2)?

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