Current methods of treatment and prevention of pathologic scars

ArticleinMagyar Sebészet (Hungarian Journal of Surgery) 60(2):63-70 · May 2007with9 Reads
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    The aetiology of pathologic scarring is unknown today regarding the keloids. The authors have analyzed the literature and own experience retrospectively according to the evidence based treatments and prevention of the hypertrophic and keloid scars. The corticosteroids have been used intralesionally since the beginning of the 1960-ies. It was followed by the pressure garment therapy in order to treat the widespread burns scars in the early 1970-ies. The silicone gel sheeting is being used since the 1980-ies. The basic treatment of keloids changed, radiotherapy was combined with the above mentioned methods because of its high recurrence rate. Newer methods, cryosurgery as well as lasers were used to treat keloids. The number of effective topical agents was increased. The researchers have been looking for other, intralesionally usable medicine and genetic causes for more than ten years. The clinicians have had the standard protocols of the adjunct and alternative methods too. After having the standard and internationally accepted scar assessment system (Vancouver-scar scale and score), the controlled, randomized trials were practicable. The prospective evaluation of the efficacy of different protocols with adequate follow-up became performable. The comparison of different methods is difficult because of the lack of its standard outcome.