[The potential of surgical and bronchoscopic treatment of idiopathic scarry stenoses of the trachea].

ArticleinVestnik khirurgii imeni I. I. Grekova 166(3):62-5 · February 2007
Source: PubMed


    Tracheolaryngeal resection is indicated for treatment of idiopathic scarry stenosis of the trachea with destruction of the cartilaginous tracheal semi-rings and cricoid cartilage. The proximity of anastomosis to the vocal folds does not influence the function of the vocal folds, if all technical peculiarities of the operation are observed. The bronchoscopic elimination of the scarry stenosis using laser dissection of the fibrous tissue, bougieurage and temporary endoprosthesis with a silicon T-shape stent is indicated in case of the saved integrity of the cartilaginous carcass of the trachea and larynx.