Crown lengthening surgery--indications and techniques.

Restorative Dentistry, Manchester Dental Hospital, Higher Cambridge Street, Manchester, UK.
Dental update 01/2008; 35(1):29-30, 32, 34-5.
Source: PubMed


Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure aimed at removal of periodontal tissue to increase the clinical crown height. As a restorative dentist using this technique of crown lengthening, one needs to have an understanding of biological width, indications, technique, as well as some possible limitations. The authors aim to discuss these concepts in order that the restorative dentist can use crown lengthening as part of an overall treatment plan in a controlled and predictable manner, taking into account biological factors. Clinical Relevance: Today's restorative dentist faces an apparent increase in patients exhibiting toothwear that may result in shortened teeth, making crowning these teeth problematic. In addition, it is evident that patients are becoming more aware of the importance of a pleasing smile. This article discusses crown lengthening as one way in which the restorative dentist can address both clinical demands.

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