Left Ventricular to Coronary Sinus Fistula Following Multiple Mitral Valve Replacement Surgeries

ArticleinJournal of Cardiac Surgery 23(1):65-7 · February 2008with6 Reads
Impact Factor: 0.89 · DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-8191.2007.00491.x · Source: PubMed


    Development of left ventricular to coronary sinus fistula is a rare complication of mitral valve surgery. Three of the seven previously reported cases occurred following multiple valve replacement surgeries, all of which were thought to be secondary to a complication of surgery and all were treated with surgical closure of the fistula. We report a case of left ventricular to coronary sinus fistula occurring after two mitral valve replacement surgeries that was treated medically with favorable long-term results.