[A pilot study on the culture and differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells from SD rats].


    In order to observe the growth, expansion and differentiation of the cultured bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC), we isolated the BMSC from adult SD rats and cultivated them with LIF and bFGF. Then, we cultured and induced the stem cells by using retinoic acid and the culture medium confected in our lab by ourselves. We found that the BMSC could expand and generate clones when they were cultured in vitro. These cells subcultured grew rapidly and differentiated into neuron-like cells and astrocyte-like cells. The results showed that BMSC have the abilities to self renew and differentiate, thus demonstrating the culture method we used is suitable for the culture of BMSC in vitro. The bone marrow stromal cell is not difficult to obtain; it is capable of expanding and differentiating in culture. If the culture condition is appropriate, it can differentiate into neuron and astrocyte. So, it is a kind of perfect seed cells.