Electrical Characterization of SiPM as a Function of Test Frequency and Temperature

Source: arXiv


Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) represent a promising alternative to
classical photomultipliers, for instance, for the detection of photons in high
energy physics and medical physics. In the present work, electrical
characterizations of test devices - manufactured by ST Microelectronics - are
presented. SiPMs with an area of 3.5x3.5 micron^2 and a cell pitch of 54 micron
were manufactured as arrays of 64x64 cells and exhibiting a fill factor of 31%.
The capacitance of SiPMs was measured as a function of reverse bias voltage at
frequencies ranging from from 20 Hz up to 1 MHz and temperatures from 300 K
down to 85 K. While leakage currents were measured at temperatures from 400 K
down to 85 K. Thus, the threshold voltage - i.e., voltage corresponding to that
at which the multiplication regime for the leakage current begins - could be
determined as a function of temperature. Finally, an electrical model suited to
reproduce the dependence of the frequency dependence of capacitance is

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