Eta and eta' meson masses from Nf=2+1+1 twisted mass lattice QCD

Source: arXiv


We determine mass and flavour content of eta and eta' states using Nf=2+1+1
Wilson twisted mass lattice QCD. We describe how those flavour singlet states
need to be treated in this lattice formulation. Results are presented for two
values of the lattice spacing, a~0.08 fm and a~0.09 fm, with a range of light
quark masses corresponding to values of the pion mass from 270 to 500 MeV and
fixed bare strange and charm quark mass values.

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    ABSTRACT: The quark-mass dependence of the η in the Schwinger model, which—like the η′ in QCD—becomes massive through the axial anomaly, is studied on the lattice with Nf=0, 1, 2. Staggered quarks are used, with a rooted determinant for Nf=1. In the chiral limit the Schwinger mass is reproduced, which suggests that the anomaly is being treated correctly.
    Preview · Article · Jun 2012 · Physical review D: Particles and fields