Furthering Baseline Core Lucid Standard Specification in the Context of the History of Lucid, Intensional Programming, and Context-Aware Computing

Source: arXiv


This work is multifold. We review the historical literature on the Lucid
programming language, its dialects, intensional logic, intensional programming,
the implementing systems, and context-oriented and context-aware computing and
so on that provide a contextual framework for the converging Core Lucid
standard programming model. We are designing a standard specification of a
baseline Lucid virtual machine for generic execution of Lucid programs. The
resulting Core Lucid language would inherit the properties of generalization
attempts of GIPL (1999-2013) and TransLucid (2008-2013) for all future and
recent Lucid implementing systems to follow. We also maintain this work across
local research group in order to foster deeper collaboration, maintain a list
of recent and historical bibliography and a reference manual and reading list
for students. We form a (for now informal) SIGLUCID group to keep track of this
standard and historical records with eventual long-term goal through iterative
revisions for this work to become a book or an encyclopedia of the referenced
topics, and perhaps, an RFC. We first begin small with this initial set of

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