> 6 MW peak power at 532 nm from passively Q-switched Nd:YAG/Cr4+:YAG microchip laser

Institute for Molecular Science, Laser Research Center, 38 Nishigonaka, Myodaiji, Okazaki 444-8585, Japan.
Optics Express (Impact Factor: 3.49). 09/2011; 19(20):19135-41. DOI: 10.1364/OE.19.019135
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Megawatt peak power, giant pulse microchip lasers are attractive for wavelength conversion, provided their output is linearly polarized. We use a [110] cut Cr(4+):YAG for passively Q-switched Nd:YAG microchip laser to obtain a stable, linearly polarized output. Further, we optimize the conditions for second harmonic generation at 532 nm wavelength to achieve > 6 MW peak power, 1.7 mJ, 265 ps, 100 Hz pulses with a conversion efficiency of 85%.

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    • "The laser pulse features, suitable for ignition, were achieved by shortening the resonator length, and by maximizing the laser pulse energy following optimization of the pump conditions through right choice of the Nd:YAG parameters and of the Cr 4 þ :YAG SA crystal initial transmission [7]. Furthermore, such a scheme was employed for efficient generation of laser radiation into visible and ultraviolet spectra by single-pass nonlinear conversion of the fundamental wavelength [8] [9] [10]. An Yb:YAG-Cr 4 þ : YAG laser was developed recently by the same research group [11]. "
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    ABSTRACT: We report on scaling of a laser configuration in which a YAG prism is used to couple the pump beam from a fiber-coupled diode laser directly into a Nd:YAG medium. Several resonator geometries have been investigated. In free generation regime laser pulses at 1.06 μm with energy of 22.1 mJ for the pump energy of 44.6 mJ were obtained from a 10.0 mm long, 1.0-at% Nd:YAG single crystal that had the high-reflectivity mirror coated directly on one of the laser crystal surface. The slope efficiency was 0.51. A similar uncoated Nd:YAG crystal placed in a plane-plane resonator delivered laser pulses with 17.8 mJ energy under the pump with 45.4 mJ energy, at 0.40 slope efficiency. Further, a passively Q-switched Nd:YAG/Cr4+:YAG composite ceramic laser pumped through a YAG prism has been built. Using a Cr4+:YAG saturable absorber of 0.85 initial transmission the device delivered laser pulses with 0.29 mJ energy and 11 ns duration. The output performances are compared to those obtained in a classical end-pumping scheme.
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    • "The high gain of Nd:YAG crystal makes it preferred for use in pulsed solid-state lasers [1] [2] [3] [4]. Laser resonators with a large mode volume, efficiently utilizing the stored energy in the laser medium, are highly desirable for the generation of high-energy pulses. "
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    ABSTRACT: We employ a convex–concave resonator to develop a high-pulse-energy diode-side-pumped passively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with high extraction efficiency. At a diode pump energy of 227 mJ, the output laser pulse reaches 30 mJ with a pulse width of 6 ns at a repetition rate of 20 Hz. The optical-to-optical conversion efficiency is up to 13.2%. Based on the developed Nd:YAG laser oscillator, we further employ a monolithic KTP crystal to perform the optical parametric oscillator (OPO). With the 1064 nm input energy of 30 mJ, the OPO energy at 1573 nm is found to be 13.3 mJ, corresponding to an OPO conversion efficiency as high as 44.3%.
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    ABSTRACT: This paper reported a passively Q-switched 532 nm green laser of LD pumped V cavity structure by using Nd:YAG/Cr4+:YAG composite crystal and the type II phase matching KTP crystal. Under 19.4 W pump power, the average power of the laser pulse up to 1.83 W, with the pulse width of 93.2 ns and repetition frequency of 9.1 kHz.
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