[Effect of BMP-2 on osteogenesis of bone mesenchymal stem cells in rats].

ArticleinShanghai kou qiang yi xue = Shanghai journal of stomatology 20(4):352-7 · August 2011with5 Reads
Source: PubMed

To determine the effect of bone morphogenetic protein-2(BMP-2) on osteogenesis of bone mesenchymal stem cells(BMSCs) in rats. The primary culture of rat BMSCs was succeeded and then was identified. The rat BMSCs were infected with the recombinant lentivirus with BMP-2(Lenti-BMP-2). The osteogenic effect of BMP-2 was observed. In addition, adhesive ability of BMP-2-BMSCs was detected through adhesion assay and expression of osteogenic factors OPN,OCN,Col-I and smad was observed by RT-PCR and Western blot. SPSS11.0 software package was used for analysis. Rat BMSCs were cultured and identified successfully. The osteogenic effect of BMSCs was improved by BMP-2. Lenti-BMP-2 BMSCs adhesive potential enhanced and osteogenic factors were up-regulated. BMP-2 may facilitate the osteogenic effect of the rat BMSCs and would provide favourable cell resource for tissue engineering.

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