[Attachment and attachment-based intervention: the Circle of Security intervention project in Hamburg].

ArticleinPraxis der Kinderpsychologie und Kinderpsychiatrie 60(6):417-29 · January 2011with23 Reads
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    Since the early sixties empirical research into early childhood and the parent-infant relationship has increased, commonly informed by attachment theory. The mutually regulated interaction within the attachment and care giving relationship of mother and infant gives this relationship its exceptional emotional quality. Early attachment experiences organize socio-emotional and cognitive development beyond childhood. Attachment theory and research define observable behaviors and the level of internal representations as an intervening variable of the transmission of attachment patterns between mother and child. Basic attachment derived concepts are the starting points of the Circle of Security approach. The Circle of Security Intervention Project in Hamburg for mothers with postpartum mental illness and their infants is described in more detail. Specific aspects are discussed with reference to a diagnostic case study.