Human platelet antigen frequencies of platelet donors in the French population determined by polymerase chain reaction with sequence-specific primers

ArticleinPathologie Biologie 45(9):697-700 · November 1997with2 Reads
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    To prevent human platelet alloimmunization, Blood Transfusion Centres have to develop a strategy close to the erythrocytes' one. The first step of this strategy is to perform the HPA typing of donors with an accurate method. We applied the PCR-SSP to type 800 platelet donors in the HPA-1 and HPA-5 systems and 350 in the HPA-2 and HPA-3 ones. This study reports the human platelet antigen frequencies of four platelet-specific alloantigen systems in the French population. The results are quite similar to those currently published for Caucasian population frequencies. Low prevalences are observed for the HPA-1b, (2%), HPA-2b (0.6%) and HPA-5b (2%) groups. Furthermore, this study confirms the need to type donors and recipients in the HPA-1 system at least, in case of post-transfusion pupura and platelet refractoriness to platelet transfusion therapy.