[Catamenial pneumothorax due to diaphragmatic endometriosis confirmed by histological examination; report of a case].

ArticleinKyobu geka. The Japanese journal of thoracic surgery 64(5):430-3 · May 2011with2 Reads
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    We reported a case of catamenial pneumothorax caused by diaphragmatic endometriosis that was histologically confirmed. A 49-year-old female who had recurrent chest pain and cough appearing on the day preceding each menstruation from 5 years ago. These episode suggested catamenial pneumothorax. Thoracotomy revealed the characteristic appearances of catamenial pneumothorax such as blueberry spots and multiple small holes on the central tendon of the right diaphragm. But there were no lesions on the visceral pleura of the lung. Partial resection of the diaphragm including these lesions were performed. Histological examination showing positive for estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor confirmed the presence of endometrial tissue on the diaphragm. The patient has been well controlled by therapy with gonadotropin releasing hormone, without recurrence of catamenial pneumothorax.