Associations Between Selected Demographic, Biological, School Environmental and Physical Education Based Correlates, and Adolescent Physical Activity

Article (PDF Available)inPediatric exercise science 23(1):61-71 · February 2011with42 Reads
DOI: 10.1123/pes.23.1.61 · Source: PubMed
The study investigated associations between selected physical activity correlates among 299 adolescents (90 boys, age 12-14 years) from 3 English schools. Physical activity was assessed by self-report and accelerometry. Correlates represented biological, predisposing, and demographic factors as described in the Youth Physical Activity Promotion Model. Boys engaged in more self-reported (p < .01) and accelerometer assessed physical activity than girls (p = .02). Positive associations between sex (male), BMI, Perceived PE Ability, Perceived PE Worth, number of enrolled students, and physical activity outcomes were evident (p < .05). School-based physical activity promotion should emphasize sex-specific enhancement of students' perceived PE competence and enjoyment.