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Determination of model and strategy in Mathematic learning is the beginning step that needed by a teacher’s effort to give a lesson for their student in order to reach the purpose of study. The variation learning of model and strategy and give many choice of study are possible to appear student’s potential because of that students are given possibility to grow compatible with their capacity, study style, although the study experience. Development of mathematics learning is very needed because their connection of concept burial to student, make that student will join in mathematic development more advanced later or in the mathematic application in their daily life. For that, researcher try to apply model and strategy in mathematic learning that expected can increase student’s study activity and also expected can increase their study result. In this case, researcher apply cooperative learning model STAD with Reciprocal Teaching strategy. This research use qualitative approach with the variaty descriptive research. Subject that taken in this research is X-1 grade of SMA N 02 Batu who amount to 39 students with the heterogenous student’s skill. This research carried out at July 21th, 2008 until August 11th, 2008. Some data with taken in this research consist of activity data of student cooperative study during learning, data of student both their study result that have a form about understanding skill in the Reciprocal Teaching strategy and study result that achieved through final test. The result of observation in activity of student cooperative study during the learning take place, show that the direct interaction activity include to the very good criteria, positive dependance activity in each other and compose the private relation include to the good criteria, for the individual responsibility activity include to the enough criteria. The estimation of study result’s student to the understanding skill in Reciprocal Teaching strategy is achieved average value of study group is 75. The finished study individually is reached by 22 students, and the other 17 students not finished with the procentage finished study calsically is 56%. Many student not finished because of at the moment of study, teacher didn’t give and discuss a lot of exercise, so that minim trained to do final test.