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Write a narrative is one of the abilities given to students from elementary school level, but in reality there are many students who have not been able to write narrative correctly. They have difficulty in expressing the events in writing. Tidaik few students who are still confused in starting to write the narrative. They are still difficulties in writing pemulaan story. In addition, the events they wrote often impressed jumping so hard to capture the flow events in the story. Based on the above description the researcher chose to write this narrative as a material consideration. One of the material in writing the narrative as a personal experience. Therefore, in this study the author discusses the writing more personal experience. In this study, researchers used classroom action research design (TOD). PTK was performed in 2 cycles, each cycle through the stages, namely planning action, implementing action, observation, and reflection. Stages in the cycle are set forth in each stage of the writing process, which consists of prapenulisan, writing, and editing. In the implementation of applicable measures implementing the stages metod STAD consisting of presentations, group work, tests, scoring and awards. The results of this study show that with cooperative learning ability of students in developing the content, preparation of a coherent sentence, and accuracy in writing narrative writing EYD increasing from cycle to the next cycle. Narration written by students for the better, complete, the composition of successive paragraphs from one sentence to another sentence, as well as appropriate content development pattern. Improving the ability of these students is done by applying other forms of effective learning, fun, and cooperate with each other. It can be seen on the learning method applied by teachers with a heterogeneous group learning methods, modeling, observation, discussion, questioning, reflection and evaluation. Based on the advice of researchers who can convey and can be considered teachers for the improvement of learning process, are (1) to note the seating arrangements during group work activities, (2) on group work activities should be more intensive teacher in providing guidance per group or individual , (3) during the learning take place are expected to condition the student teachers in a fun situation to learn the material being taught.

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