O mal-estar na civilização: um diálogo entre Freud e Marcuse

Revista Mal-estar e Subjetividade 01/2010;
Source: DOAJ


One of the questions gifts in the debates of the current world is on the diverse malaises that afflict great part of the world-wide population. This present work aims to analyse the question of civilization from some theoretical references related to Sigmund Freud and Hebert Marcuse thoughts, more specificcally in the work of The Civilization and its Discontents by Freud, and Eros and the Civilization by Marcuse. In the first moment, we searched for observing some conditions for both stability and developing of the civilization according to Freud, coming even to the basic idea defined by the author about the discontent that attacks individuals in their civilized life. We tried to consider the philosophical interpretation proposed by Marcuse concerning the psychanalysis theory, particularly through the concepts of more repression and the performance principle and the extrapolation of Freud’s concepts. We searched for doing an articulation between the thoughts of both authors, featuring some possible approaches and distances between the two theories. Some differences were found about the argument of these two authors concerning the matter of civilization, specially in the question of the discontent in the civilization and of some possible exits for this discontent. According to Freud, it seems to have a basic repression acting in the civilization, whereas Marcuse evidences the existence of the more repression, which is an additional repression added to the developing process of the civilization by the interests of domination.

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