Wesley Pratt Larsen papers

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    The Wesley Pratt Larsen papers (1802-2005) contain articles written by Wesley P. Larsen and his research projects. His research deal mainly with Utah history, with a focus on Toquerville and the people who lived and migrated there. His papers also deal with The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints and Indian History.; Boxes 1-24 (11.75 lin. ft.) were donated in June 2001 and July 2004. Boxes 25-28 (2 lin. ft.) were donated April 2006.; Wesley Pratt Larsen, Articles and Research Materials; "Southern Utah Tales"; "Indian and Pioneer Medicine in Utah Territory"; Articles; "James Dalley Family History Volume 3"; "John D. Lee and the Mountain Meadows Massacre: A Reader"; Stem Cell Research, Diary Notes, and Color Copies of Slides; Wesley P. Larsen, ed., "Martin Slack's Account Book for the Hurricane Canal 1893"; Personal Materials; Correspondence; Personal Information; Wesley Larsen, "Field Folio of Indian and Pioneer Medicinal Plants"; Wesley Larsen, "A History of Toquerville," Volume 2; Wesley Larsen, Indian and Pioneer Medicinal Food Plants,"; "Southern Utah Tales"; Writings by Larsen; Ag-Ba; Age; Agricultural Council Minutes; George Russell Aiken; Anasazi; Anderson Ranch; James Andrus; Anthropology; "Antioch Notes"; Archives in Utah; Arizona; Christopher J. Arthur; Arizona Strip; Jim Ashcroft; Carl Badger; Bate 10th Ward; Kerry Bate; Subject Files, Be-Bi; Beale's Camel Corps; E.O. Beaman, "The Canyon of the Colorado and the Moquis Pueblo"; Walter Beatty; Beaver County, Utah; Rebecca Berry; Mark Bickley; Big Springs; Biograhical Sketches; Biology 101; Biology 307; Subject Files, Bl-Ef; James G. Bleak; Brigham Tree; Lenny W. Brinkerhuff, Virginia City Ward History; John Brown; Buffalo Gourd; Bundy Families; William Burgess; By-products and Radiation; Cedar City, Utah; Chinese; Chronologies; Moses Clawson Family; College of Eastern Utah; Colorado River; Isaiah Combs and Francis Burke; Co-Ops; Core Modules; Corn; J. L. Crawford; H. L. A. Culmer; Ruth L. Cunningham, "Pioneer on the Arizona Strip"; Hannah Smith Dalton; John William Davies; Joel and Anna Eager; Effects of Radiation on Inverabrate Animals; Subject Files, El-Em; Elderhostel Classes; Embryo Research; Embryonic Developement; Subject Files, En-Ex; Endangered Species; Entemology Notebook; Ethno-Botany; Experiment Project Notebook; Subject Files, Ex-Gl; Exploration; Exploration; Fire use by American Indians; Joseph Fish; Lucile Fish; Lucy Hannah White Flake; Will Flanigan; Fort Harmony; Forts; Founders Movement; Richard and Theresa Fryer; Wyllys D. Fuller; Furniture; Bessie Gardner; Geneology; Geography and Geology; Ghost Towns and Monuments; Glen Canyon; Subject Files, Gr-Hi; Grafton Gulch; Grand Canyon; Grazing and Browsing; Hall Family; Hannah Hall; Victor Hall, "Honeymoon and Temple Trails"; Jacob Hamblin; William Hamblin; Ebenezer Joseph Hanks; Harris Family; Llewellyn Harris; Harrisburg; Health; Herpetology 324; Edwin Richard Higbee; "The History Blazer"; Subject Files, Hi-Hu; History Notebook; History of Biology and Microtechnique; History Timeline; History Typescript; Hole in the Rock; Homeymoon Trail; Hopi Indians; Horticulture; House Rock Valley; Hurricane Canal and Mesa; Subject Files, In-Jo; Indian and Pioneer Medicine; Indian War; Infant Mortality; Inscriptions; Insect Stem-cell Research; Inverabrate Animal Project Notebook; Iron and Washington Counties, Utah; Irrigation; Jackson Family; Jennings Family; Johns Valley; Johnson Family; Johnson's Fort; Subject Files, Jo-Le; Joseph Ellis Johnson; William Derby Johnson Jr.; Kumen Jones; Journal History; Juvenile Instructor; Kaibab; LaVerkin, Utah; Laney Family; Law and Order; Leany Family; John D. Lee; Subject Files, Le-Ma; Lee's Ferry; Legends and Fokelore; James Lewis; Lichens; G. W. Lloyd; George A. Lowe Sr.; Will Manning; Maps; Lawrence Christian Mariger; Marrige; E. Blair Maxfield, "Maxfield, Covert, Schureman, Tanner Histories; Maxwell Ranch; William Maxwell; Subject Files, Me-Mo; Medicine Notebook; Lenora Meeks; Priddy Meeks; Dove Menkes; Mesquite; Midwives; Mining; Missionary Diary Excerpt; "Moccasin and her People"; Mormon Bashing; Mormon Battalion; Mormon History Asociation; Mormonism and the Indians; Mormons; Mountain Meadows Massacre; Subject Files, Mu-Na; Muddy River; Mycology; John Conrad Naegie; National Endoment for the Humanities; National Science Foundation Research Proposal; National Wildlife Federation; Native American Research Notebook; Native Americans; Nature Notebook; Subject Files, Ne-Pa; News Articles; Oak Wilt; Origin of Man; Jimmy Owens; Murland R. Packer, "Life of Family of William Reese Davies"; Paiute Indians; William R. Palmer Writings; Paria; John Parker; Subject FIles, Pa-Pl; Richard Parker; Thomas Claude Parkinson, Ancestors; Parowan, Utah; Parunuweap Canyon; Peokon; Peter's Leap; Petroglyphs; Phragmites; Pictures; Pine Valley, Utah; Pioche, Nevada; Pioneer-Indian Relations; Pioneer Stories; Pioneer Work Ethic; Piute County, Utah; Place Names; Subject Files, Pl; Plant Samples; Plants and Animals; Subject Files, Pl-Re; Rulon Berry Platt; Joseph H. Pollock; Polygamy; Powell Plateau; Belinda Pratt; Parley S. Pratt; Prickly Pear Cactus; Primates; Quail Lake Petroglyph Sites; Quilts; Recipes; Red Cliff Desert Reserve; Lynn and Ella Batty Reeves; Bill Reid; Reptiles and Amphibians; Subject Files, Re-Sa; Research Notebook; Pat Rippw, "Water and the Gila Monster"; Rivers; Roads; Rock Church; Rotary Clubs; Roundy Family; Salt Lake Daily Herald; Levi Savage; Subject Files, Se-Stp; "Selected Topics Relating to Hurricane Utah"; Service Berry; Sheep Bridge; Silver Reef; Smith and Fremont; John Calvin Lazeil Smith; Silas Smith; Southern Utah; Sothern Utah; Sothern Utah Agriculture; Speakers Bureau; Spilsburg Family; Springdale Utah; Squabush; John Steele; Subject Files, St-Ut; Mahonri M. Steele; John Sumner; Sylvester Family; Tell It All; Tenth Ward Historical Record; Theobold Family; Scott Thybony; Tobacco; Tobats; Toquerville, Utah; "Toquerville Ward News"; Torrey, Utah; Two Rivers; Utah; Utah Agricultural Expirement Station; Utah Directory Gazetteer Excerpt; Utah Historical Society; Subject Files, Ut-Wi; Utah History Extractsd; Utah Settlement History; Utah War; Veterans Day Letter; Virign City, Utah; Wadsworth Family; George Wadsworth; Wallace Family; Washington County News, Extracts; Water Quality Palnning Projcet; Wheels to Adventure, Review; White Mountain Expedition; Willow Springs; Wine Making; Subject Files, Wo-Zi; Women; Josephine Wood; Lu Wayne Wood; Brigham Young; John R. Young; Yucca; Zion National Paek; Miscellaneous; Family and Individual Histories; Batty Family Papers; Orley DeWright Bliss Papers; Bringhurst Family Papers; Frances Burke Paper and Photograph; Dodge Family Papers; Isaac Duffin Papers; Joseph Fish Letters; Ben and Christina Forsyth Papers; Richard Fryer Papers; Elisha Hurd Groves Papers; Eliza Ann Price and Isaac Chauncey Haight; Job P. Hall Papers; William Wallace Hammond; Appleton Harmon Papers; Transcript of Thales H. Haskell Diary; Higbee Family Papers; Huntington Correspondence; Orson Welcome Huntsman; "Life and Work of James Jackson Jr."; Toqerville Mayor A. N. Jones Papers; Canrad Kleinman Papers; John D. Lee Papers; Autobiography of Elizabeth Graham MacDonald; "Wife of Dr. Priddy Meeks"; Nebeker Family Papers; Family and Individual Histories; Naegle Family Papers; Olds Family Papers; Maria Jackson Normington Parker; Polock Family Papers; Theobald, Burgess, Isaacs, and Pratt Hisotires; Laura Anderson Pulsipher; Smoky and Edith Richards Lot Abstract; William Sears Riggs Papers; Levi Savage Jr. Papers; George W. Sevey Papers; Slack Family Papers; Stapley Family Papers; John Steele Papers and Journals; Toquerville, Family and Individual Histories; John Steele Papers; Steele Family Papers; George Spilsbury Papers; Swasey Family Papers; Joseph Sylvester Papers; Hamilton Monroe Wallace Jr. Papers; Pioneer Ancestors of Caddie Watson; Willis Family Papers; Toquerville Obituaries and News Clippings; Bate Correspondence; Dupaix Spicer Mill; "Guide to Papers"; Kanarraville; "Las Vegas Fort"; Toquerville History; Toquerville Beautification; Toquerville Business History; Toquerville Cemetery List; Toquerville Cotton Gin; Toquerville Fourth of July; Toquerville Indian Farm and History; Judicial Toquerville; Toquerville Land Certificate Records; Toquerville Mid-Wives and Treatments; Toquerville Photographs; Toquerville School; Toquerville Ward and Relief Society History; Toquerville Papers, Histories, and Centennial; Toquerville Historic Preservation; Toquerville Miscellaneous History; Toquerville Utah Miscellaneous Papers; "Isaac and Mary Fielding Duffin, Suothern Utah's Builder";; "Folk Tales of John D. Lee and the Mountain Meadows Massacre-Lee Survives His Execution"