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Language represent very communication means is necessary for oral good human being and also article. Functioning Ianguage as a means of social interaction in appliance meaning to submit mind, idea, concept or also feeling. Style represent the way of author expression in submitting idea by using beautiful Language media or how author lay open something that will be told in result of its creation. Language style is an arrangement of sentences and words able to express idea, idea, and feeling and also experience of author mind. This research aim to obtain; get deskripsi about " Analysis Style language in Short story’s Java Post alternatively Materials Teach Apresiasi Art in SMA. Method which is used in this research is descriptive method qualitative. this Research data in the form of Ianguage style which there are in short story. Source of data in this research is short story in daily media of Java Post edition three July wulan, August, September 2007 se-banyak 14 short story. Result of data analysis in this research indicate that Ianguage style pursuant to sentence structure consist of climax, anticlimax, repetition and antithesis, while Ianguage style pursuant to direct do not it him mean to be divided to become two that is 1) Ianguage style of restores 2) figurative Ianguage style, consisting of simile, metaphor, personification, and sarkasme of Innuendo. From both Ianguage style, Ianguage style pursuant to direct do not it him mean more dominant in using. Ianguage equation style seems by author in intending for memperindah and to be more emphasize meaning in its bearing with expression" inspire reader emotion" that way also Ianguage style pursuant to sentence structure relative a few/little using. the Ianguage style to explain nucleus; core or idea of story in its composition Learn art apresiasi intrinsically is getting wise to life and life. Through belles-lettres, human being will obtain; get mind gizi, so that dark sides in life and its life can be brightened to pass value kristalisasi, which implied in belles-lettres. Study of Ianguage style in short story’s in Java Post so that/ to be protege do not feel saturated with Lesson materials which have is often used from taken away from by materials is written by short story’s is author which have had name. Information at education world that Ianguage style in short story in is daily of Java Post can be exploited alternatively materials teach art apresiasi in SMA. information at Builder or instructor of art apresiasi matching with curriculum and high with quality.

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