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Number of drug abuse purpose that is at Indonesia that reaches 3,6 constitute one of that prove our society life a lot of one flops than drug abuse activity. There is even at cases Malang City after case which happen last there is vicinity a thousand more cases. Constitute a that prove Malang City as one of intent City which tourism and education, there are many person which hails from all Indonesia angle with various intent. Obviously it becomes a part important then interchange culturizes, tradition and wont. Things that is engaged about problem drug abuseusually understands of mark sense relationship among comate. Baleful City government in this case via on duty health (dinkes) shall can carry on its role as elongation of hand from Pemkot Baleful on health area for can carry on task and its function that in reference to tacling drug abuse. Task and function performing this at expects to get walking going concern and carried on by maximal ala. Of about problem that gets to be pulled three formulas about problems, first; policy what do at dinkes's takings Malang City in tacling drug abuse at Malang City? Both of; whatever programs that at dinkes's takings Malang City in tacling drug abuse at Malang City? And drd one; strategy what do at dinkes's takings Malang City in tacling drug abuse at Malang City? There is aim even of this research is subject to be know dinkes's Role Malang City in Tacling drug Abuse At Malang City? That dinkes's role is poured deep policy, program and strategy that carried on by dinkes Malang City. On this research, researcher utilizes 2 data source which is primary data sources as yielding as interviews and observation and secondary data sources as archives. On this research one becomes primary data source be carry the wind pharmaceutical section and health promotion and sub member a part collation program. Observational type that researcher utilizes is kualitative with approaching kualitative is descriptive. Data collecting tech that is utilized is observation, interview and documentation. To analyse that data tersaji properly and edge out apprehended by all party, therefore researcher utilizes kualitatif is descriptive. After researcher performs penelititan and analisis can be concluded, for example; dinkes's role Malang City in tacling drug abuse with mngeluarkan policy; observation and doctor operation and drug, program; counselling about drug, krosceking and reporting drugs which circulates, and strategy; increasing ability and energy resource skill health that corresponds to abuse tacling effort drug passes through education and training chance, applying minimal ministering default deep perform program those are carried on and utilizes support and role and society active, profession organization, sociological organization and powerment institute society in abuses tacling programs drug who is carried on.

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