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Employment opportunities are scarce in the unemployment problem Indonesia. This problem also happened to students who would plunge the world work after graduating from college, where students as young intellectuals expected not to increase unemployment in Indonesia. Students must able to utilize a variety of potential for advancement dimiliknya nation, at least not add to the burden the State. Thus, it takes steps strategic and creative students to face the world of work. One them is to entrepreneurship. But in fact, only sedikitmahasiswa yangmau develop their potential with entrepreneurship. This study aims to determine factors become dominant drivers and penghambatkewirausahaan padamahasiswa. This study used qualitative methods with subjects totaling 3 status as a student who hath berwirausaha.Metode collection of data that is used is to use interview techniques. Data analysis technique used are miles and model data analysis Huberman. The results of this study indicate that the dominant driving force for entrepreneurship is a factor in students' hobbies and achievement motivation. While driving the other is the environment and dreams. While factor that inhibit the dominant environment of entrepreneurs such as capital and competitors. While inhibiting the other is an unstable emotion. So that may be mentioned that sense of excitement at the core of entrepreneurial activity. Due to feelings of pleasure, work will be light to done and easily tackle the problem as you may think with calm and crystal clear.

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