PEMBUATAN KARAGINAN DARI RUMPUT LAUT Eucheuma cottonii (Studi Proporsi Air Dalam Pemasakan)

Source: OAI


Karaginan represent coumpound of hydrocolloid consist of ester kalium, natrium magnesium, calcium sulfate, with galaktosa and 3,6 anhidrogalaktopolimer (Anonim,2005). In this previous research, water volume to extract process just given estimation bet ween 15-30 times weight of sea gross. Proportion in boiling used in this research is water,whreas according to winarno (1996) stated that water volume of extract correctly to hoese hold scale was is times weight of sea gross. The objective of this research is to know water volume of different extractor toword rendemen and karaginan quality of sea gross from Eucheuma cottonii type. The research method used is experiment method, this reseach use complete random planning (RAL) arranged as simple, each of treatment repeated as 3 times by factor proportion of water consist of 6 levels : (K1) proportion 10 times b/v dry sea gross. (K2) proportion 15 times b/v dry sea gross. (K3) proportion 20 times b/v dry sea gross. (K4) proportion 25 times b/v dry sea gross. (K5) proportion 30 times b/v dry sea gross. (K6) proportion 35 times b/v dry sea gross,whereas observation parometer included rate is dust, rate of water, degree of white, performance colour and gladness. Condusion obstained that the best treatment is treatment of proporsion of water by maturing 35 b/v and hasd effect to rendemen,degree of white generate karaginan flour with rate of water 13,14 %, rate of dust 4,48 %, rendemen 38,06 % degree of white 63,21 % (like,like very much) score of performance 4,00 (intrest) and score of colour 4,00 (white) mean score of organolepitk test has not real effect.

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