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The population of rubbish in town at Indonesia always be increase which it happen every year together with increasing quantity of peole and urbanization the villagers for town. It will makes quantity of rubbish cannot received because the received station ” Tempat Pembuangan Akhir ( TPA ) ” limited in stock. Besides an unpleasant reaction emerged from society who do refusally if truck of rubbish to go pass at their district or society who is near with TPA, the example problem which it can pull of life and bring about social conflict. Such as rubbish covered in Bandung, rubbish covered at TPA Bentar Gebang ( Bekasi ) being slide off, TPA Leuwigajah ( Bandung ) make lose 140 people, TPA at Kediri was burned in August, 2006 ( Jawa Pos, 2006 ). During the contents of gas fuel source although with carbondioxide emision selling agree with Protokol Kyoto. The ambition wanna get from this examination to know about influence depth of pipe and taking over sample time for landfill gas production which resulted. This examination did constructed three piece of pipe with different depth, that is 3, 11, and 17 metres. Gas output catched with plastic bag construction. The sample take over time analise used variation statistic of one pointed ”statistik varian satu arah”. The result from this examination if the gas production mostly be descending of pipe that depth 3 metres with good construction. Whereas pipe that have size 11 metres and 17 metres construction get the most capacity from depther pipe is 17 metres. Causes earth-water elevation 4 metres under earth surface and pipe hole of sizely 11 and 17 metres begining from 4 metres under earth surface so suspected pipe capacity by 3 metres be mostly. The reason, pipe hole begin from a metres under earth surface if earth-water can washed out with pump to base pipe, suspected pipe capacity mostly will get from pipe sizely 17 metres.

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