[Deliria: an obstacle to continue home care--from the perspective of psycho-oncologist].

ArticleinGan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy 37 Suppl 2:237-9 · December 2010with3 Reads
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    It has been 2 years since the 2007 Cancer Control Act(Table 1)and the Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control was implemented, which aimed at a reduction of burden for all cancer patients and their families and to improve a quality of life. The Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control requires an active engagement, such as alleviation of physical symptoms and mental/psychological problems for not only in the terminal phase of a patient but also from an early phase of treatment. Specifically, our primary aim was to relive the mind of patient's family by providing information on cancer prevention, education, and things that matter most to the family were handled through training of medical staff, palliative care, consultation and care support, and other related services. Pursuant to the guidelines, our hospital established a Palliative Care Team and Cancer Consultation Support Center 2 years ago as our palliative care consultation arms to offer a team medicine.