PERAN BADAN PENASIHATAN PERKAWINAN DALAM MEMBINA KELUARGA SAKINAH (Studi Kasus di Badan Penasihatan Pembinaan dan Pelestarian Perkawinan Kantor Urusan Agama Kecamatan Klojen, Kota Malang)

Source: OAI


The establishment of sakinah family is realized by the government as the beginning of advanced, autonomous, prosper material and spiritual Indonesian society. Therefore marriage counseling agency is established and has the aim to build sakinah family that is called Badan Penasihatan Pembinaan dan Pelestarian Perkawinan (BP­4). The increasing divorce rate can be seen as the symptom that not all of the family in Indonesia society has consider being sakinah family, particularly one in Malang, it shows that the role of BP­4 itself is working a bit slow as the marriage counseling agency. Based on the above background, this experiment has the objective to found out how BP­4 KUA Klojen Malang has operate and optimize its counseling function toward the building of sakinah family. Other than that, this experiment also to found out about the obstacles and solutions of BP­4 KUA Klojen counselor due to its function in building sakinah family. This experiment is using sociological juridical approach with experiment subject is BP­4 KUA Klojen Malang counselor. BP­4 KUA Klojen Malang as the chosen experimental place is cause since KUA Klojen is one of the KUA which consider having administration orderly in doing marriage counseling to build sakinah family. Data collection is done through non participative observation, interview and documentation. While the data analysis for this experiment is qualitative descriptive analysis. Result of this experiment has showed that during its functionality BP­4 KUA Klojen Malang has established bride course and marriage counseling as optimal as it can. However, obstacles faced are consists of internal obstacles and external obstacles. Internal obstacles are lack of facility and counselor personnel also lacking society appreciation toward BP­4 KUA Klojen Malang. While the external obstacles are BP­4 considers to non autonomy and there are no laws which consistently preserve the existence of BP­4 as the marriage counseling agency. Solution for internal obstacles is by providing facility and competent counselor personnel while for the external obstacles may be faced by law which consistently preserved the existence and autonomy of BP­4 itself.

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