PENGELOLAAN DAN PENGEMBANGAN HARTA WAKAF (Studi Kasus di Pimpinan ِ Cabang Muhammadiyah Dau Kabupaten Malang)

Source: OAI


This study is about development and management of wakaf’s wealth in Pimpinan Cabang Muhammadiyah (PCM) on Dau Malang. This study used socio legal approach (fieldwork), the subject of this study is Pimpinan Cabang especially wakaf section. The writer has some reasons in choosing PCM Dau as the subject of this study, they are: 1. The PCM Dau has so many wakaf’s waelth 2. The PCM Dau is near with center of education The instrument of this study are observation, interview and documentation. Data analysis of this study is descriptive qualitative. The result of this study showed that the wakaf’s wealth in PCM Dau is a land. The use of wakaf’s wealth is depend on by the decision of wakif or PCM. The management and development of wakaf’s wealth is using nonproductive approach. The management and development of wakaf’s wealth in PCM supported by good participation from wakif, themanager, and society. Besides, the PCM got the abstacles from wakif, the manager and the society.

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