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    Reading to represent one of the all important function in life because matters which must study only is possible mastered if clever read. Age child of prasekolah even also at the moment have been expected can read to remember at the time of going to school this is base ability very is required. To teach to to read at child there is various means, one of them the way of learning most effective is on game of child, that is by playing at in its school activity. Like with constructive game, this game will challange intellegence and also educate efficiency of child, including to increase ability read. As for intention of this research is to know do there is make-up of ability read child of prasekolah with constructive game. Research method which used in this research of single case experiment. Research of single case experiment is research desain to evaluate effect a[n treatment (intervensi)with single case. This Research Subyek is 3 child of ability score category read between high until at the (time) of done by test pre. Third of the subyek is AM, TR and of AL. To know result of from research used constructively see graph and also see result of from pre test and test post showing difference acquirement of value at each subyek. From result of research which have been analysed can know that AM subyek experience of increase equal to 20 point at the (time) of given by test post, Natural TR of increase counted 24 point and is last of Natural AL of increase equal to 16 point. This means that there is make-up of ability read [at] child of prasekolah after given by constructive game.