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Stages of moral development is a moral level changes regarding a person that develops with age and are influenced by family environment and community. Effect of family, one of which is the effectiveness of communication that happens parents and teens can give a good impact on teenagers, which will often happen to deliver information, opportunity of expression, convey certain messages and the opportunity to express feelings of a parent or adolescent reciprocity . The purpose of this study was to find out how the relationship between the effectiveness of communication with parents and adolescent moral development of adolescents. The study was a non-experimental studies with correlational research type. The subjects in this study were students in grade 1 at Middle Park High School as many as 50 people. The research subject is taken by using purposive sampling technique. Bpengumpulan method is to use scale data (1) scale the effectiveness of communication (2) scale of moral development.Analysis of data used correlational analysis using the correlation Phi. From analysis of obtained r =- 0.058; = 0.16; db = 4, then rt 5% = 9.49 and 1% = 13.3, where the re <rt shows that the variables between the effectiveness of communication with moral development has no relationship. With the effectiveness of adolescent low komuniksinya at the stage of pre-conventional moral development of 0, the conventional phase of 4 people, and post conventional stage 3 people. Teens with medium of communication effectiveness is at the stage of pre-conventional moral development of 3 people, 28 people on stage conventional, and conventional post 3 people. At a high level of communication effectiveness that is in pre-conventional stage of moral development a person, the conventional phase of 8 people, post-conventional stage 0.
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