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Legal custom and its institution is one of Indonesia wealth on Law that has important/ big role in daily life, especially for the traditional environment in Indonesia, such as Sapeken island, Sumenep sub province. Legal custom in Sapeken is as an organization/ community of Sapeken people that has structural leadership and norm/ law that is obeyed, respected, and applied by people, that finally could minimize all the kind of collisions. The statement problems of this research are, how is the position of the legal custom institution in Sapeken island, Sumenep sub province on the law system in Indonesia. The research method of this research is yuridic social approach. The data used in this research are primer and sekunder data. The primer data is directly got from the first source, they are the head and the staff of legal custom institution in Sapeken island, Sumenep sub province. Furthermore, the sekunder data covered legal documents, books, research findings, reports, and the code/ law. The data collection technique of this research is interview. In addition, the respondent of the interview got by using purposive sampling. It means, that the selected respondent is who whom stay for long time and participate actively on the activity. In other words, they were as the object of this research. The head and the staff of legal custom in Sapeken, and the direct observation on the research location in Sapeken island, Sumenep sub province as the location of primer data is tooken. Finally the data is analysed descriptively. Based on the research findings, showed that legal custom institution in Sapeken was born from the worried of people on the behavioral friction and the way of thinking of people that started to run away/ ignore the legal custom as the norm that is existed for long time, that had to be obeyed and applied. The legal custom and its institution in Indonesia is recognized existed in law system in Indonesia, that had showed on the country fundamental component (pancasila), structural component, substantial component, and cultural law component. Finally, by the detail and deep analysis of the writer, it can be concluded that legal custom institution in Sapeken is recognized existed by either on the people of Sapeken or the law system in Indonesaia.

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