KOMODIFIKASI REMAJA PUTRI OLEH MEDIA(Analisis Wacana Rubrik HOT ISSUE Di Majalah GADIS Edisi April-Mei 2006)

Source: OAI


Not only related to the journalism and entertainment, the magazine is also related to the world powers and the issue of gender bias. Segmentation on magazine of women, in all ages, used to make them like commodity. By Exploiting young girls, media reflection patriarchy ideology in our society created by capitalism. Media makes this tradition as an important part to construct feminity through the standardization of the media created for young girls. In our society, women often seen as the leader of domestic area, such as how they have to manage financial at home, this is a key media to reinforce cultural products. GADIS Magazine is intended for young girls. From various lubrications, HOT ISSUE the only part which attracts researchers, because this rubric is the main theme of all editions. It does not need to have the latest info, but still interested to teenagers. And the rubric is also obviously seen of how the young girls commoditize. The point of the problem in this research is how GADIS through the rubric HOT ISSUE commoditizes young girls, and whether in discourse to GADIS tend to be profitable or hurt young girls. Researchers chose the theory of discourse. Discourse analyses are study of language which not looks any language such a natural, neutral and reasonable, but it is understood the text contains a certain ideology or fight to dominate the influence. Analyze the language not only from the aspect to the language course, but also the context. So we can understand that texts can be a reflection of some ideology. In this study, researchers use a qualitative approach, with the type of interpretative research. This Method made by Teun A Van Dijk, which is divided in three levels which are: text, social cognition and social context. Van Dijk combines all of becomes one structure. However, because some of the weakness, this research only uses two-level analysis, between text and context. Text examined is how the text structure and discourse strategist that are used to emphasize a particular theme. And the other hand context is the level learning of any discourse that becomes from our society’s problem. After analyzing the rubric HOT ISSUE, shown that young girls still commoditize by GADIS it is proved by various forms of Van Dijk analysis elements. Media rarely able to give a place for women (young girls) and utilize (commoditize) through teenage understanding about established, interesting and beautifulness. Adolescents may be realize that they are aware of the real world may not be too perfect and same as what they saw in media, but when all of the media show only one rule, they run out of the option to choose which one they like, then finally they only have to follow the trend. Besides context of girl’s high consumptiveness in the media, domestication of young girls is also found in this research. HOT ISSUE occurs in young girls domestication. They must be shown what the media want if you want to satisfy men. Media still showed women as a men satisfaction by modern cover and packaging. This phenomenon is desperate young girls physical and psychological. GADIS use young girls as a commodity or item of value that can increase the selling values. As a Critical Analyzes, Frankfurt school thought that commodity is the main tool of ideology in the process of capitalism. This also allowed the utilization pattern consumptives high teenage daughter. It is because the media are still living in the culture of men which too paternalistic, so women (teenagers), not represented eligibly media. Media cannot make the young girls able to make decisions for their self, and pressing them with classification and standardization turned young girls from their own world, body, sexuality, and their identity. From all of the impact of media, we should have media literacy for youth people, especially young girls so they do not have to fall in the wrong understanding.

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