PERUBAHAN SOSIAL MASYARAKAT LOKAL AKIBAT PERKEMBANGAN INDUSTRI PARIWISATA(Studi Perubahan Sosial Masyarakat Akibat Interaksi Antar Wisatawan DenganMasyarakat Lokal Di Desa Senggigi Kecamatan Batu Layar Kabupaten Lombok Barat)

Source: OAI


Exsistance of tourism in among of society absolutely will affect toward life directly. The tourism always united two or more of different culture. The meeting of human or society with culture social background will product few of changing proces like, acculturation, domination, assimilation, adaptation and etc. The development of tourism as a industry infact caused the problem as the effect from art and culture exploitation that will be become as attraction power for tourist consumtion. Social changingof society in value, and behavior was caused by adaption process toward the demand of environment condition. So the meaning here tourist of abroad who visited will give the effect toward local society in around tourism object. So the changing is so quick and new thing will appear in the way of society life in around them. Social changing is changing of behavior, social relation institution and social structure in atime. Local community is agroup of people that stay in same geografis area and exploited local nature resources in around them interaction of social is relation social that is so dinamic and it has relation of one another person and group of human if two person meet, social interaction was started at that time. The tourist is someone who is not working or they are picnic and also they visited other place for geting something that is unique. Tourism industry is group of variety company and they product goods and services that is need by the tourist especially traveler in generally as in the journey. Research location of social changing is in Senggigi village, east Lombok region. In this case researcher take sample with technique purposive sampling. Subject of research is Senggigi village society which get the changing of social. Technique to collect data is done with observation, interview and documentation. This research use descriptive qualitative data analyze. The form of social changing as the consequences of interaction between the tourist is, local society social structure changing so the meaning of this sentence, society change ther job to from agraris to industry sector and decreasing the rate of education of society who is not study in the school. The changing of local society culture pattern isexsistence acculturation of two culure, the changing of language, and the changing of consumtion pattern. The changing of life style comercil life style of local society and the changing of behavior in a family. The social changing that appear in society is factor affected the way of think of local society which is advance, the act of local society that is open hearted and existence of contact with other culture.

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