Intangible Assets – Important Resources for Performant Enterprise Gestion

Theoretical and Applied Economics 01/2006; 8(503)(8(503)):79-84.
Source: RePEc


Along time, the goal of intangible assets became very important for the activity and prosperity of business. This matter is achieved as well as more and more the companies operate in a global economy which has as main base the digital revolution and information management. The increase of the immaterial investments percent requires evaluation and recognition criteria by knowledge, intelligence and human competence. But recently, the accounting standards were about to accord negligible attention or even totally ignored the appropriate modalities of report this category of assets. The accounting, obliged to bend to economic, financial and juridical logics, in a „Taylor” modality, presents an unreal image of the company economic life and particularly of investment activity. In a competitive environment, the reliability of future economic benefits, generated by investments, depends less on their material or immaterial nature and more on the characteristics of the market they operate on. These are just a few reflections which determined us to focus our attention to this thought-provoking domain of immaterial investments, appreciated as a potential for the company.

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