Force of Stream After Sling Therapy: Safety and Efficacy of Rapid Discharge Care Pathway Based on Subjective Patient Report

Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The Journal of urology (Impact Factor: 4.47). 03/2011; 185(3):993-7. DOI: 10.1016/j.juro.2010.10.050
Source: PubMed


We evaluated the safety of a mid urethral sling postoperative care pathway using patient subjective reporting of force of stream to minimize length of stay and catheter placement.
Women undergoing solitary mid urethral sling surgery were prospectively enrolled in our study. Force of stream after the sling therapy protocol consisted of retrograde bladder filling with 300 ml fluid within 1 hour after surgery. Patients rated force of stream compared to baseline on a visual analog scale. Those with a force of stream of 50% or greater were immediately discharged home regardless of post-void residual urine volume. Only those unable to void and those rating force of stream less than 50% with post-void residual urine volume greater than 500 ml were discharged home with a catheter. Patients were telephoned within 1 week of surgery and seen 4 to 6 weeks postoperatively. The primary outcome was unexpected visits to the emergency room or office for voiding dysfunction or urinary retention.
A total of 114 women were prospectively enrolled in our study, of whom 105 (92.1%) passed the protocol and were discharged home without a catheter. Of the patients 14 were discharged home with increased post-void residual urine volume (range 152 to 427 ml) but no catheter, representing those who would have been discharged with a catheter by many traditional voiding protocols. According to protocol 9 patients were discharged with a catheter. No patient presented to the emergency room or office in urinary retention or with voiding dysfunction before the scheduled visit.
Patients who report a force of stream of 50% or greater can be safely and rapidly discharged home after an uncomplicated mid urethral sling procedure regardless of post-void residual urine volume. Scanned post-void residual urine volume does not add much value in those who can void. By following the force of stream after sling therapy protocol patients can be discharged home less than 3 hours after mid urethral sling surgery.

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