[The role of p38 on the differentiation of MSCs to myoblasts]

Inducing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) differentiate to myoblasts with 5-azacytidine(5-Aza-CR), investigating the expression of Myf5 and the role of the signal transduction case of p38 in all the course of differentiation. Seperating and purifying bone marrow-derived MSCs, inducing MSCs differentiation to myoblasts with 10 micromol/L 5-Aza-CR, assaying the gene expression time of Myf5 with RT-PCR method, the antigen expression of myosion with immunohistochemistray method and observing the changes of the activity of phosphorylation p38 before and after inhibited by SB203580 with Western-blot method. MSCs begin to express Myf5 delaied to the 9th day after inhibited by SB203580. Some of MSCs express myosion at the 7th day after induced; The phosphorylation p38 activity of MSCs enhanced after induced by 5-Aza-CR but obviously decreased after inhibited by SB203580. MSCs can express myogenic regulator factors and orientation differentiate to myoblasts after induced by 5-Aza-CR, p38 really have a positive signal transduction effection in this course.
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