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Source: DOAJ

In the title mononuclear cadmium complex, [Cd(C10H5O4)2(H2O)2], the CdII atom, located on a crystallographic inversion center, exhibits a slightly distorted octahedral geometry and is six-coordinated by two O atoms from water molecules in the axial positions and four O atoms from two deprotonated coumarin-3-carboxylic acid ligands in the equatorial plane. Angles around the CdII atom vary between 81.00 (5) and 99.00 (0)°. The Cd—O bond lengths vary between 2.1961 (13) and 2.3360 (13) Å. O—H...O hydrogen bonds between the H atoms of coordinated water molecules and the O atoms of carboxylate groups link the complex molecules into layers parallel to the ab plane.