Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research 10/2010; 5(2). DOI: 10.18187/pjsor.v5i2.118
Source: DOAJ


In this article we have considered the problem of estimating the population mean in the stratified random sampling using the information of an auxiliary variable x which is correlated with y and suggested improved exponential ratio estimators in the stratified random sampling. The mean square error (MSE) equations for the proposed estimators have been derived and it is shown that the proposed estimators under optimum condition performs better than estimators suggested by Singh et al. (2008). Theoretical and empirical findings are encouraging and support the soundness of the proposed estimators for mean estimation.

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    ABSTRACT: This article suggests two generalized classes of estimators of population mean using auxiliary information in stratified random sampling. The properties of the suggested classes are derived and asymptotic optimum estimator in each class is identified with its properties. The large numbers of known estimators are members of the suggested classes such as usual unbiased estimator, usual combined ratio estimator (Hansen et al., Am Stat Assoc 41:173–189, 1946), usual combined product estimator (Kaur, Biom J 27(1):101–105, 1985), and estimators /classes of estimators due to Kaur (Biom J 26(7):749–753, 1984, Biom J 27(1):101–105, 1985), Diana (Statistica 53(1):59–66, 1993), Kadilar and Cingi (Biom J 45(2):218–225, 2003, Commun Stat Theory Methods 34(3):597–602, 2005), Shabbir and Gupta (Am J Math Manag Sci 25(3–4):293–311, 2005), Singh and Vishwakarma (Metodologia de Encuestas, Monografico: Incidencias en el trabjo de Campo 7(1):32–40, 2006a, Stat Trans 7(6):1311–1325, 2006b), Singh et al. (Stat Pap 49(1):37–58, 2008, SORT 34(2):157–180, 2010), Tailor (Data Sci Jour 8:182–189, 2009), Koyuncu and Kadilar (J Stat Plan Inference 139(8):2552–2558, 2009, Pak J Stat 26(2):427–443, 2010b) and Tailor et al. (Commun Korea Stat Soc 18(1):111–118, 2011). The theoretical and empirical studies are carried out and findings are encouraging and support the soundness of the present study.
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