Pemanfaatan Pupuk Cair Mikro Untuk Meningkatkan Pertumbuhan dan Produksi Tanaman Sawi(Brassica juncea L.) Varietas Tosakan

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This research were aimed to determine the optimal dosage of liquid fertilizer micro SuperPlant suitable for plant growth and production in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) varieties Tosakan. This research were done in Simpang Pemda, Kelurahan Simpang Selayang, Kecamatan Medan Tuntungan and located on height of ± 25 m above sea level from maret 2008 until april 2008. This research was conducted by non-factorial randomized block design with six treatments ie S0 (Control), S1 (2 ml / l water SuperPlant)), S2 (4 ml / SuperPlant l water), S3 (6 ml / l water SuperPlant ), S4 (8 ml / l water SuperPlant), S5 (10 ml / l water SuperPlant). The parameters observed were plant height, leaf area (mm3), Total Chlorophyll Leaf, Weight Per Plant Biomass Samples (g), Fresh Weight Per Plant Sale Sample (g), Harvest Index. Superplant the best liquid fertilizer in plant height was observed at a concentration of 1.56 ml / l of water with 28.681 cm high, observations persampel plant biomass is at a concentration of 6.06 ml / l of water with a weight of 106.872 g. selling fresh weight of plants is at a concentration of 5.47 ml / l water. 060301024
    • "According to Sunarto and Suwardi (2010), The higher of corn plant was improved after add 1.5 t ha -1 and 1,0 t ha -1 of chicken manure. On the other hand, add 6,06 ml water -1 liquid compost can increase the highest of pakchoy (Barus, 2011). Increased N, P, K, pH, and C levels in the soil can increase crop yield. "
    Article · Jan 2014