Analisis Pengembangan Obyek Wisata Bahari Pantai Indah Kalangan Kabupaten Tapanuli Tengah

Source: OAI


Development of marine tourism development program ideally will also develop various types of jobs for local people and communities outside the region (object) of nautical tourism. Marine tourism activities should ideally also would increase involvement, participation and the participation of local people actively in it, because the indigenous people that live around or in the maritime sights done, have the appropriate tourist locations customary rights, life still depends on the potential of natural resources existing in its territory, its economic and social life was still simple that it needs to be improved. Based on this writer is interested to examine and set forth in the title of "Analysis Development for Maritime Tourism Object Pantai Indah Kalangan Tapanuli Tengah." The purpose of the writing of this manuscript is the strategy and the constraints in the development of Marine Tourism Object Pantai Indah Kalangan Tapanuli Tengah. While the expected benefit is as an input to the Government Central Tapanuli in policymaking and in developing the tourism potential. The research method used is a qualitative descriptive method by using purposive technique, namely the determination of the informant who set deliberately deemed known and intentionally aware of the Tourism Development for Object Pantai Indah Kalangan Tapanuli Tengah. Ie Head of Culture and Tourism Tapanuli Tengah, Head of Village (Lurah) Village Kalangan, Circle Coastal Management. From the results of data analysis, we concluded that the Programme, especially maritime tourism object thresholded to support the tourism sector to boost the regional economy is expected to be implemented properly, and there are some things that need to be addressed to enhance the tourism potential of the Pantai Indah circle one) a clear change of strategy 2 ) provision of greater funding 3) create a good climate for investors, 4) conduct a more intensive promotion activities 5) to grow interest and participation in the larger society. And advice given is necessary to increase the participation and commitment from local government to develop maritime tourism in Tapanuli Tengah especially on tourism development in Pantai Indah Kalangan and other tourist locations. 087024016

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