Pemanfaatan Pelepah Sawit Dan Hasil Ikutan Industri Kelapa Sawit Terhadap Pertumbuhan Sapi Peranakan Simental Fase Pertumbuhan

Source: OAI


ANDYKA YUDITH TARIGAN : Utilization of Oil Palm Frond and Side Product Industry on Oil Palm Plantation by - product on Growth of Weaning Simental Crossbred Growth Phase. Under advised of HASNUDI as a supervisor and EDHY MIRWANDHONO. The goal of experiment is to observe the level of utilization of oil palm frond and industry on oil palm plantation by-product on feed consumption, average daily gain and feed conversion ratio of weaning Simental Crossbred during this research. This research was conducted in Biological Veterinary Laboratory at the animal science Department of Agriculture Faculty of North Sumatera University, Jl. Prof. A. Sofyan no. 3 Medan. Beginning from March 2009 to September 2009. This research was conducted by using latin square design (LSD) with four treatments. The treatments were P1 = feedstuff of 10% oil palm frond, P2 = feedstuff of 20% oil palm frond, P3 = feedstuff of 30% oil palm frond, P4 = feedstuff of 40% oil palm frond. The result of this research indicated that utilization of oil palm frond in feed on oil palm plantation by - product has increase feed consumption, average daily gain has 0.675 kg/head/day and feed efficient be well. 040306040

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