Gambaran Pengetahuan Siswa SMA Negeri 5 Medan Tentang Kesehatan Reproduksi Remaja

Source: OAI


The period of adolescent is the transition period from childhood to adult. Nowadays, adolescent’s knowledge about reproductive health is still low. Therefore, the risk of unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and sexual transmitted disease will increase. This study is a descriptive study using questioner to measure the general review of students knowledge about adolescent’s reproductive health. Population of this study is second grade and third grade students of SMA Negeri 5 Medan, and total sample is 90 students. The results of this study shows that the majority of students knowledge is good (93,3 %), average (6,7 %), and no students with low grade knowledge. This study also shows that the source of information used by students to get information about adolescent’s reproductive health is from electronic media (28 %), peer group (23 %), parents (18 %), brothers/sisters/family (15 %), formal media (10 %), and the others (6 %). From the results mention above, it is concluded that the SMA Negeri 5’s student knowledge about adolescent’s reproductive health is good. This study also shows that the source of information which is used the most is electronic media. From the results of this study, hopefully that the related institution will give sex education regarding adolescent’s reproductive health. 070100357

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