Extraction of Top Backgrounds in the Higgs Boson Search with the $H\rightarrow WW^{\star}\rightarrow\ell\ell+\met$ Decay with a Full-Jet Veto at the LHC

Source: arXiv


The search for a Standard Model Higgs boson with the $H\rightarrow
WW^{\star}\rightarrow\ell\ell+\met$ decay and the application of a full-jet
veto yields a strong sensitivity in the mass range $130<m_H<200\,\gev$. One of
the residual backgrounds is related to processes involving top quarks. A method
for the extraction of top backgrounds is evaluated at the parton and hadronic
levels based on the data-driven extraction of the jet veto survival
probability. The uncertainty of the proposed method is about 15%.

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