La enfermería ante la violencia de género: protocolización en gestión y cuidados

Revista de Enfermagem UFPE On Line 10/2007; 1(2). DOI: 10.5205/0102200718
Source: DOAJ


Domestic violence may be regarded as a relation of abuse and intimidation in every conduct, which due to act or default, causes to women: physical, social, psychological or sexual injury. It is the result of an education where the abuse and the intimidation, in the current gender inequality, has been an experienced and learnt subject. Its signs may have different external expressions depending on sociocultural and educational elements, as well as location, country, town or ethnic group factors where it may occur. The goal of our job is focused on: Firstly, to know, after the bibliography revision, what domestic violence is; the description of the phases; the policies and legislation in health issues; and the health intervention, in force, related to the topic in Spain. And secondly, an intervention protocol that gives guidance to one of the involved collectives, the nursing collective, in order to pursue an action. Updated revision of bibliography about the health policies existing in Spain along with the current public health situation in the Spanish domestic violence approach. After the bibliographic analysis, given the problem identification, a proposal of issuing a protocol about domestic violence is presented based on the Methodology of Quality Management. Reviewed the bibliography about protocols for domestic violence and given the problem identification, the implementation of issuing a protocol is proposed.

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