Studi Efek Penambahan Natrium Sulfat (Na2so4 25%) Terhadap Viskositas Larutan Pencuci Piring (dishwashing liquid)

Source: OAI


Research on the effects of adding Na2SO4 to viscosity of liquid dishwashing materials (dishwash liquid) has been performed. Concentration of sodium sulfate used was 25% with the variation of volume expansion of 25% Na2SO4: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and 500 mL. Dishwashing solution viscosity is determined after addition of 25% Na2SO4 solution according to the variation that is used by using viskosimeter Ostwald in measuring the flow time and density was measured using the dishwasher solution piknometer 5 mL. The results showed that the maximum viscosity of dishwashing solution obtained by adding Na2SO4 25%, 300 mL of 49.718 poise and a decrease in viscosity occur again if the addition of Na2SO4 4 25% above the volume of 300 mL, for example in the addition of Na2SO4 25% volume of 350 mL was obtained at 31.926 poise viscosity . 080822048