Stiffness properties of intraply woven hybrid composites by numerical homogenisation

Source: OAI


Hybrid fabrics represent a rapidly emerging branch of reinforcements for composite materials. A justified use of these textiles requires good understanding of their behaviour and their modelling tools. Hybrid composites have significant strain differences amongst their phases. The lack of information on the applicability of the homogenisation methods in finite element and mesomechanical models in predicting the mechanical properties of Intraply Woven hybrid Composites (IWHC) has provided the motivation for this study. The emphasis was put on developing FE model, while investigating other meso-mechanical models concerning their efficiency, accuracy, applicability and limitations. Results were obtained from FEA and meso-mechanical models. Tensile testing was conducted to characterise the properties and mechanisms of failure for different carbon content hybrid composites. Published (publisher's copy) Peer Reviewed

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