Balloon -catheter usage in maxillary sinus surgery: Case report

Stomatološki Glasnik Srbije 01/2006; DOI: 10.2298/SGS0601065B
Source: DOAJ


Introduction: The postoperative drainage and the postoperative bleeding from maxillary sinus cavity have been controlled after functional sinus surgery. It has usually been done using the band of iodize gauze squeezed through the temporary opening in the vestibular mucosa or through the inferior meatal antrostomy. The aim of this study was to present the use of balloon-catheter in maxillary sinus surgery intendend for control of postoperative drainage and bleeding. Case report: Balloon-catheter was used in one female who was treated for anemia after chemotherapy and with allergy to iodine. It was inserted into the sinus cavity through the temporary inferior meatal antrostomy and removed five days after surgery without any postoperative discomforts and complications especially in this risk group of patients. Conclusion: The balloon-catheter surgery method used in risk group of patients improved the quality of postoperative period without significant complications.

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