Effect of Defects on Long-Pulse Laser Induced Damage of Two Kinds of Optical Thin Films

ArticleinApplied Optics 49(29):5537-44 · October 2010with21 Reads
Impact Factor: 1.78 · DOI: 10.1364/AO.49.005537 · Source: PubMed


    In order to study the effect of defects on the laser-induced damage of different optical thin films, we carried out damage experiments on two kinds of thin films with a 1 ms long-pulse laser. Surface-defect and subsurface-defect damage models were used to explain the damage morphology. The two-dimensional finite element method was applied to calculate the temperature and thermal-stress fields of these two films. The results show that damages of the two films are due to surface and subsurface defects, respectively. Furthermore, the different dominant defects for thin films of different structures are discussed.