Rebranding campaign of the Romanian Society of Radiodifusion – strategic option for the growth of the organization’s efficacy

Economia. Seria Management 01/2010; 13(1):148-164.
Source: RePEc


In 2008, the Romanian Society of Radio-broadcasting (SRR) decided to benefit of the „honorable” of 80th anniversary of the Romanian public radio to elaborate and apply a strategy of creating a new image of SRR to assure the approach of an European profile well outlined and recognized so. The necessity of this „look” change for the corporation and for six of its channels was motivated by a better position on the radio market in Romania and a larger visibility on a public segment with „preconceived” ideas about what the public Radio means. As a result of the campaign, at the end of 2008 the achieved market quota of the Romania Radio grew, Romania News Radio becoming leader on the market. In this context, the paper proposes strategic actions that would contribute to the growth of the SRR efficacy: elaboration of a lasting marketing strategy, promotion of the channels with lower visibility, but that cover market segments of „niche”, organizing some special programs that would promote „special” broadcasts dedicated to some „special” days by „special” people, collaboration with the Romanian Television to organize and broadcast, on the TV, some radio shows that will promote SRR on a large scale and diversified.

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