Horacio Núñez Miñana y la Enseñanza de las Finanzas Públicas en la UNLP

Department of Economics, Journal 01/2006; LII(1-2):103-134.
Source: RePEc


The paper present a review of Horacio Núñez Miñana’s contribution to the teaching of the theory of Public Finance in the UNLP (National University of La Plata), institution where the prominent economist, death in 1985, left his worthy academic legacy, not only to those who were his students and many others that followed them, but also to his colleagues, who had the opportunity to cohabite with him in the academic field during his trajectory and were animated by his contributions. The paper makes a summary of the literature on the discipline as it was analyzed and studied in the cited University in years before, during and after that HNM passed through the School of Economics of La Plata.

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